Breakin’ Legs on the Dance Floor!

Every year, the Adventurists host a fantastic party in a 13th century castle in the Czech Republic, not far from the German border.  Mongol Rally teams stop and enjoy this fiesta on their way across the continent and Team Shoebaru …

Goodwood to Czechout

On Saturday, July 14, 2012 we participated in the Festival of Slow at the Goodwood Raceway as guests of the The Adventurists.  For those that don’t know, the Festival of Slow is the annual event that is the send-off for …

We have the Shoebarus!

Very exciting news!  The Southampton port authorities and our delightful port agent John successfully exterminated the Virginian spiders (or as Joe likes to say, the Southampton spiders who crawled into the container to escape the British rain)!   We retrieved the …

Cars arrived in the UK

Rumor has it our cars arrived in the UK on the 30th….so says the folks at the shipping company.  I guess we will be confirming said rumor on July 5th.    No confirmation on the rumor that the international wire we …

Visa Magic

In celebration of the receipt of our Libyan visas, here are a few random DC embassy tips for your next off-the-beaten-path journey:

  • Have a question or concern relating to a visa application? Need to push the entry restrictions? No, they

Shoebaru Webcast/Podcast

Tom Dorsey and Jay Gragnani sat down to discuss Shoebaru with Joe recently.

A big thanks for Dorsey Wright & Associates for putting this together!

To download an audio-only podcast of the interview click here.…


World Clothes Line BraceletA little about one of our partners–World Clothes Line.

World Clothes Line is an apparel company with philanthropic mission – to clothe the world. WCL matches every item purchased with a new item for someone in need. You