We have the Shoebarus!

Very exciting news!  The Southampton port authorities and our delightful port agent John successfully exterminated the Virginian spiders (or as Joe likes to say, the Southampton spiders who crawled into the container to escape the British rain)!   We retrieved the Shoebarus on Tuesday and have been staying with teammate Ann and her lovely parents ever since.

Unfortunately, Wednesday brought another radiator failure on the side of a roundabout.  Yes, on the side of a roundabout.  Our port agent John, the only person we know in Southampton, happened to drive by our stranded vehicle.  A coincidence?  Perhaps.  If we end up with engine trouble in Tunisia and he drives by again we’ll know he’s a sneaky saboteur.   Here’s a photo of the double rainbow that appeared as we waited on the side of the roundabout.

Nick Dodd and company (Alex and Steph) towed us in the mighty Dudd Land Rover (able to cross the highest mountain ranges and fjord minor seas and such).  Joe has, once again, switched out the radiator, and all looks quiet.  For now.

We’re camped out at the Lowson residence at the moment.   Tonight, we’ll head to Goodwood and the Launch Party.  Tomorrow we’ll cross the English Channel en route to Munchen and a Internations fundraiser on Sunday night.  Monday is the infamous Czechout party.  A big thank you to the Dodds, the Lowsons, Hannah and Caroline!


  • Christos Maroulis says:

    I can tell that Emily wrote this; it was one of the most ‘delightful’ pieces of writing that I have seen in the past weeks. Go team Shoebaru; we’re watching (I know I am)!

    -2286 Idylwood Station Ln Connection

  • Carolyn says:

    What an amazing photo! We’ll be wearing our Shoebaru t-shirts tomorrow in honor of the Goodwood send off. Have a wonderful time.

  • Caroline says:

    Good luck guys – have a great trip! Am relieved the pesky spiders got sorted out and keeping fingers crossed for no more radiator trouble.

  • Marc says:

    If you want to stop in Stuttgart – i have a coffee or beer for you over here 🙂

  • your pal says:

    Get to a mechanic and get that cooling problem sorted. I doubt that you have more than one radiator that is failing in the same way. Revisit the water pump and thermostat bubbler.

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