Ann Lowson

Age: 28

Hometown: Southampton, UK

Irrational Fear: Feet. Yep, and I’m going on a shoe themed trip…

Van Halen Lead Singer Preference: What’s a Van Halen??

Previous Rally Experience: Limited. I’m a Mongol rally groupie, I’ve been there at the beginning and the end of two, but never really done much of the bit in-between.

# Stamps in Current Passport: Passport. Um, yeah, I should probably find that…. I think about 10.

Most likely to be eaten by:  Distraught cannibalistic fans of the Olympics who were unable to get tickets.

Predictions: I won’t want to go back to work in August and leave the rally. No taxidermy encountered on the trip will surpass that found in Ulaanbataar.


Ann took a photo at the beginning of the Mongol Rally 2010 of Joe and his pink ice cream truck, then went to work in a children’s hospital in Ulaanbataar taking the easy route (by plane). At the end of the rally she met Scott and they bonded over a mutual appreciation of Chinggis vodka and Mongolian taxidermy. Ann wimped out of running the Gobi marathon with Scott and has never been forgiven for this act of epic wussery, as a recently broken leg was clearly no excuse. Ann had to prove her mettle by kicking Scott’s butt up Kilimanjaro the following year, and will join the Shoebaru rally as a further act of penance. She is training as a surgeon and has to turn up to work in August, so will be one half of team member #5 (along with Mallory Brown).

NOTE: Ann will only be joining the Shoebaru team for the first couple of weeks up through Libya, as she has to get back to her job of saving lives back in the U.K. or something.