Mallory Brown

Age: 25

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Irrational Fear: Drowning.  Thank goodness Africa is dry.

Van Halen Lead Singer Preference: David Lee Roth.  BUT Eddie Van Halen once yelled to me (from a sweet convertible, I must say) as I drove along side him on Sunset Blvd, so he will always be my favorite.

Previous Rally Experience: This is my first true “rally”…but I have driven through 14 landslides in Peru, and that should count! I have taken four major backpacking trips in my life (Europe, SE Asia, and South America twice). This will be my first journey to Africa…and I can NOT wait!

# Stamps in Current Passport: ZERO!  Just got a brand spankin new one 🙂

Most likely to be eaten by:  A hungry, hungry hippo

Predictions: I will be mesmerized in Egypt, as I’ve always wanted to see the Great Pyramids. I will be sweaty in Sudan and probably have a least one attack from overheating. I will be inspired in Ethiopia and take more photos of children than of the scenery. By Kenya, I’ll have totally replaced my wardrobe with traditional clothes and filled my iPod with African music. I’ll feel very far from home in the Uganda/Rwanda stretch. I’ll befriend a giraffe in Tanzania. Lake Malawi will be one of my favorite stops. In Zambia, I’ll have BKK take an amazing driving photo of me hanging out the car window. I’ll spend some time alone in Namibia, reflecting. I’ll be all too giddy when we reach South Africa…that is, if I make it that far. I may be traded to some shady border patrol officer in exchange for the safe passage of my other team members well before that.


In 2010 Mallory founded World Clothes Line–an apparel company on a mission to clothe the world. WCL matches every item purchased with a new item for someone in need, and the WCL team travels to remote regions of the world and personally gives new clothes to those who need them most. Since founding, WCL has delivered new clothes to Peru, Indonesia, and around the United States. This trip will inspire World Clothes Line’s “Africa Collection.” For every item purchased, WCL will give an equivalent item to an African child in need. “You buy. We give. Together, we clothe the world.”