BBQ Send-Off Event (6/24)

You–yes, you–are cordially invited to a special send off event with team members Scott & Mallory on June 24th, 2012. We’ll be gathering at Hostel Detroit at around noon on Sunday and will grill and drink throughout the day, so you’re welcome to stop by at anytime. RSVP’s are not needed, but feel free and let us know that you’ll be coming via Facebook if you’d like.


As in, Bring Your Own Booze and Bring Your Own BBQ. We’ll be providing as much snacks and drinks as we’re able, but don’t rely on us to fill you up! Feel free to bring your own grill if you’d like, as I’m sure that we’ll have a lot of people and the more grills the better.


We will have a giant donations box with us, so if you’d like to throw in some cash or a check to help us out with our cause that would be much appreciated. A $10 donation is encouraged, but our charity will happily accept anything you can manage. 100% of all donations go to the Awassa Children’s Center in Ethiopia, which is an American-run charity (which means that they are tax-deductible!).

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