January Updates

The clock is ticking! We’re getting closer to launch date, July 14th, and we still have a lot to do…

Biggest news is that we have found our latest team mate, Mallory Brown. Mallory is the owner of a Michigan-based one-for-one clothing company, World Clothes Line, which donates an item of clothing to a third-world village for every item purchased. She leads all of the clothings drops herself, and has traveled extensively over the past few years (although this is her first rally!).

Good news is that progress is being made–we’re having bi-weekly Skype meetings from our respective locations around the globe, all of us have applied for and been granted second passports (to help with visa applications and to use as a backup passport), and our route and timing options have all but been decided upon. Lefty is being renovated and upgraded, and we are currently on a mission to find our next vehicle, Righty. We have secured our first major sponsor, and have a few more coming soon.

Bad news is that the situation in the Middle East continues to worsen, and that could have a big impact on our planning. Syria looks like it is heading towards a civil war, and that poses an issue for us, as that is the only way through to Jordan from Turkey. We could alternately go through Iran, but things aren’t looking great there either. As for Iraq, forget it–I’ve heard that Fallujah is beautiful that time of year, but avoidance of IED’s remains a top priority for us. The other way around–through Northern Africa–presents its own set of challenges.

We are scheduling our first big in-person meeting in Richmond, Virginia at the beginning of February. We’ll be discussing fundraising, alternate routes, visas, overseas vehicle shipping, and that kind of good stuff. I (Scott) will be meeting Mallory in New York sometime before of after the Virginia meeting to hopefully meet up with one of our charities, charity:water, at their Manhattan headquarters to discuss partnership possibilities.

More juicy updates to come after our in-person meeting extravaganza~