Awassa Children’s Project

Awassa Children’s Center provides care and support for approximately 100 children in Awassa, Ethiopia. The Children’s Center provides nutrition, clothing, safe housing, education, and counseling to the children, most of whom were orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

The Center is home to over 75 onsite children under the age of 14 and provides off-site support for over 25 teens between the ages of 14 and 18–all the admitted children attend local private or government schools. The Center provides uniforms, school supplies, and subsidized tuition, and their after-school tutorial program further strengthens their academic success. The Center has its own library to provide quality reading material, research resources, and a space for study, tutorial sessions, and art programs. The onsite preschool is a great environment for learning, and all children are making great strides in both Amharic and English. A summer camp is also an annual highlight for the children’s learning experience and fun!

The Center’s on-site clinic and nurse provide most healthcare needs of the children. A nurse oversees the nutritional requirements and provisions of each household, as well as evaluation of and management of the children’s hygiene–periodic clinical treatment, preventative health services, medical check-ups, and awareness education on various health issues is also provided. The counseling section of the center is organized by the on-staff social worker–the children’s social and psychological health, as well as educational follow-up and extra curricular activities, are all tended to in order to reduce mental, spiritual, and social stress on the children.

For more information, please see the Awassa Children’s Project website.

Team Shoebaru is proud to support Awassa Children’s Project and excited to visit the Center in Awassa, Ethiopia! Please help us support this incredible charity by donating via our Just Giving page, below! As a 501(c)(3), your donations are tax deductible, and 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to the children.