We have the Shoebarus!

Very exciting news!  The Southampton port authorities and our delightful port agent John successfully exterminated the Virginian spiders (or as Joe likes to say, the Southampton spiders who crawled into the container to escape the British rain)!   We retrieved the Shoebarus on Tuesday and have been staying with teammate Ann and her lovely parents ever since.

Unfortunately, Wednesday brought another radiator failure on the side of a roundabout. …

Where are the tiny spider passports???

Long story short, teammate Ann’s mom and I went to pick up Joe and Emily from the train station so that we could head off immediately to grab the Shoebarus from the dock. After a bit of driving around we found the place where we needed to fill out the paperwork in order to pick up said vehicles.…

Visa Magic

In celebration of the receipt of our Libyan visas, here are a few random DC embassy tips for your next off-the-beaten-path journey:

  • Have a question or concern relating to a visa application? Need to push the entry restrictions? No, they won’t answer the phone. Duh. Go in person.
  • Too bad most consular divisions are only open when traffic is at its worst (9AM-11AM Monday through Wednesday is a popular choice).

Circle of Death?

After months of hard work, our Left and Right shoes were ready to ship. What should have been a quick and easy run down I-64 turned into a potential taste of things to come this summer.

For those of you that don’t know the story behind the demise of “Erika” (the ice cream truck of “The Rolling Cones” during Mongol Rally ’09), I’ll give you the abridged version.…

Updates (& Packing)

We spent the weekend putting the final touches on the cars and packing them up for shipment to the United Kingdom. Very exciting!

We’re bringing a lot of automotive supplies, so we’re keeping a “clean car” and a “dirty car”. Our goal is to keep all the smelly automotive parts, fluids, tools, tires, etc. separate from the kitchenware, chairs, bedding, and fun bits of Americana (Old Glory tiki torches, anyone?).…

A Few (Major) Updates

Wow, what a month! The team has been super-busy with preparations these last few weeks: getting the cars shoe-d, securing visas, securing sponsors, coordinating events, managing the shipping of the cars, etc. etc. As you can see by the previous post, the cars have turned out very nicely thanks to many long liquid nails-filled days under the scorching sun of Richmond.…