Camels & Cleopatras—Egypt Extended

In my first twelve hours here, I rode a camel and visited the Great Pyramids of Giza. So…. it’s gonna be a good trip. 🙂

This is Mallory, by the way, the newcomer to the trip, who joined the Shoebaru team in Cairo!

Cairo was an intense maze of cement buildings, noise, and people. Very crowded and endless car horns.…


World Clothes Line BraceletA little about one of our partners–World Clothes Line.

World Clothes Line is an apparel company with philanthropic mission – to clothe the world. WCL matches every item purchased with a new item for someone in need. You buy. We give. Together, we clothe the world.

I’m Mallory aka Shoebaru team member aka founder of World Clothes Line.…