AGE: The oldest


IRRATIONAL FEAR: Somehow being forced to compete in a dance-off

VAN HALEN LEAD SINGER PREFERENCE: Wait, which car will he be singing in?! I prefer Bonobo & Zero 7

PREVIOUS RALLY EXPERIENCE: Rickshaw Run India 2011, various 3-legged & potato sack races…

# STAMPTS IN CURRENT PASSPORT: Got my 5th & 6th passports last year… not sure how many stamps in any of them :/

MOST LIKELY TO BE EATEN BY: mosquitoes & bed bugs :[

PREDICTIONS: I anticipate sipping some Rooibos in South Africa at some point – one way or another :] I further predict that there will likely be a handful of experiences before then.


BKK is many things: a global explorer, gadget guru, decent human, passionate foodie (mmm… dumplings & bubble tea), economist, anthropologist, dedicated CouchSurfer, passport collector, talented photographer, and former Russian prisoner. Call him what you may, but BKK isn’t one for titles (or personal bios, for that matter… Thank you K’Tina!) He’s got a knack for languages and loves connecting to folks from all walks of life. A true explorer at heart, BKK’s extensive travels (and itchy feet) have taken him to nearly half the world’s countries. Despite this, he has yet to thoroughly explore the African continent.

BKK became involved with, and inspired by, charity:water via the Rickshaw Run: India 2011…and as fate would have it, this is where he met current teammate Scott Brills. And since two international, entrepreneurial tech geeks are better than one, they’ve joined forces to create yet another unforgettable, unprecedented adventure.