Emily Olson

Age: 31

Hometown: None. Ten major moves (plus another ten or so lesser moves) all before my 21st birthday. Alternatively, I claim the entire state of North Carolina. And, I was born in Hawaii (or Kenya, if you think my long form birth certificate was forged). My super hero skill is packing.

Irrational Fear: Ticks

Van Halen Lead Singer Preference: Hagar

Previous Rally Experience: Rickshaw Run Spring 2010. I’ve also participated in a number of overseas volunteer trips: working on an archaeological dig in Mauritius, teaching at a school for children of migrant workers in Beijing, and building with Habitat for Humanity in Tajikistan. Get out there and do good!

# Stamps in Current Passport: 67

Most likely to be eaten by: Ticks. Unfortunately, I am a delicacy to the tick species.

Predictions: Somewhere around Sudan, the team will gang up on Joe and erase all copies of the song “Africa” by Toto. Also, the team’s going to love watching the Olympics with locals along the way!


Emily loves Carolina basketball very, very much.  She’s thrilled that the Shoebaru journey isn’t during March Madness as she accumulated a rather high phone bill refreshing espn.com while driving through rural West Bengal during the Rickshaw Run (damn you, Butler – how could you let Duke win!).

Emily is quite afraid of heights and likes to push that fear to the limit with skydiving, bungee jumping, canyon swinging, and roller coasters.  When not rickshawing around India or deliberately putting her life in danger at high altitude, Emily is an attorney specializing in M&A (Murders & Executions or Mergers & Acquisitions, you choose).  She’s also quite fond of flowers and travel.