World Clothes Line

World Clothes Line is an apparel company with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world. WCL matches every item sold with a new item for someone in need. You buy. We give. Together, we clothe the world.

World Clothes Line was inspired by Mallory Brown’s travels around the world. After witnessing incredible poverty, Mallory transformed her experiences into a socially-conscious business. WCL’s global mission raises awareness to basic human needs and provides an active, direct, and tangible means of change. Each customer, through every purchase, is helping to clothe the world.

World Clothes Line operates as an online retail store, selling casual clothes that graphically represent select countries of the world. The WCL team then travels to impoverished regions of those countries to personally distribute new clothes to those who need them most. In Winter 2011, WCL delivered clothes to low-income and homeless families in Detroit, Michigan. In Spring 2011, the WCL team clothed the refugee village of Mesaconcha in the Andes Mountains of Peru. In 2012, World Clothes Line plans to deliver new clothes to people in need in New York City, Indonesia, and Africa (with Shoebaru!).

Purchases made from World Clothes Line’s “Africa Collection” will be matched and given to people in need along the Shoebaru route. To shop (and help clothe Africa), please click here.

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