The Adventurists

The Adventurists was formed in 2004 along with their first big adventure, the Mongol Rally. Since then the organization has grown to cover seven events throughout the world (horse riding in Mongolia, a motorbike trek through Siberia, riding moto-taxi through Peru, etc.), all of them including a charity fundraising aspect in which every participant must raise a set amount (or more) for a related charity. As one might expect, these events draw a certain type of (awesome) person to participate, and meeting your fellow ralliers before and during the events is half of the fun.

Both Joe and Scott have participated in the Mongol Rally 2009, and as such are members of the recently established Mongol Rally Veterans Club, created to foster camaraderie amongst former ralliers. Joe, Scott, Emily, and BKK have also all participated in the The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run–a 2,000 mile charity rally from one end of India to the other in a poorly-crafted, underpowered auto-rickshaw (there is as of yet no club for former participants of that particular adventure).

Shoebaru will be partnering with The Adventurists/Mongol Rally Veterans Club in that they have been gracious enough to allow us the participate in the annual Festival of Slow–the launch party for the 2012 Mongol Rally. Lefty and Righty will both be lined up with hundreds of other vehicles as they do a lap around Goodwood racetrack and start the journey eastward. A couple of days later everyone will meet up in southern Czech Republic for the Czech-Out party at Klenová Castle, which will be the first and last checkpoint of the entire journey. Of course, Shoebaru will be taking a slight detour south the next morning, while the rest of the revelers will groggily awake from their vodka hangovers and head east.

To find out more about the the Festival of Slow, the Mongol Rally, the Rickshaw Run, or any of their other adventures visit The Adventurists web site.

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