What is Shoebaru?

The Team will venture 13,000 miles from “Goodwood to Good Hope”. Starting at the famous Goodwood Circuit in southern England, the team will travel through Europe, the Middle East, and down East Africa to the Cape of Good Hope. They will be riding in a pair of 1998 Subaru Foresters done up to look like a pair of shoes, and will be raising money to support Awassa Children’s Project and charity: water.

As guests of The Adventurists, team Shoebaru will be participating in the 4th Annual Festival of Slow to start the epic journey on July 14, 2012.  We’re super busy with packing, planning, working on the cars, and raising money and awareness for our charities, so Shoebaru could really use your help!  If you’d like to support the team while supporting your own organization check the sponsor page.


Fun Facts About The Trip:

  • Number of Continents: 3
  • Number of Countries: 28
  • Number of Deserts: 4
  • Wonders of the Ancient World: 1

A Few Fantastic Figures:

  • Length of the Nile: 4,130 Miles
  • Height of Victoria Falls: 355 Feet
  • Estimated Number of Grains of Sand in the Sahara : 8 Octillion
  • Estimated Number of Grains of Sand that will get in our food, clothes, cars : 7.9 Octillion


  • The African Penguin is the only species of penguin that breeds in Africa.